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A leader in the Wireless communication Industry.

For the last ten years, Simply Wireless has been recognized as a leader in the wireless communications industry with year-over-year sustained growth and success in the wireless marketplace. Founded in 2000, Simply Wireless has grown from retail locations to a leading multi-channel sales force comprised of multiple locations in addition to various other distribution channels. Simply Wireless is privately-owned and currently employs talented & skilled individuals.

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The mobile industry in India is on a role. India has become the third largest telecommunication network in the world after China and USA. India in 2006 emerged as one of the world's fastest-growing wireless telecom markets, with the number of mobile-phone service subscribers in the nation growing to 149.5 million, up from 85 million in 2005. There are over 166 million mobile users in India as on March 2007 & this number is increasing by few millions every month. The mobile subscriber base and is expected to grow rapidly to 50 Crores by 2010 with deeper rural penetration and introduction of low tariffs.

As Mobiles are being essential in our day to day life, the man power requirements are also increasing in each and every Country. India and China both remains at the top for man power supply to the rest of world. With highest population figures, both giants have huge scope for Mobile Literacy and business growth. The entire world is looking at both the countries as biggest, reasonable and most friendly Man Power resources.

  • Fastest Growing Industry.
  • Good Career opportunity.
  • Low investment in starting new business.
  • Higher gains with alternative earning options.
  • No higher education required.
  • Fast break even / return on investment.


  • Basic electronincs.
  • Theory mobile related.
  • Practical training on bga ic & smd parts
  • Practical training for ball planting on bga ic.
  • Fault finding through diagram.
  • Software training for unlock & programe a mobile phone
ringtones, wallpapers,application downloading software & repairing tool-kit totaly free.

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Join our Team! If you are motivated and energetic and looking for a career with a fast-paced company with growth opportunities, Simply Wireless may have the perfect opportunity for you! Click here for our employment application to get started on a career with Simply Wireless.

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